The Cayman Islands Of The Western Caribbean Are A Year Round Paradise

While the Cayman Islands are fairly well known for their banking and offshore business interests, their real number one attraction is tourism. They have some of the best beaches, water sports, snorkeling, diving, swimming with animals, restaurants, and an incredibly low crime rate to go along with it all. The largest island is called the Grand Cayman Island and it’s located in the Western Caribbean Sea. Nearby are the two smaller islands Cayman Barc and Little Cayman Island. There are also some very small islands, sometimes called keys, that are part of the group, all are part of what is called the British Overseas Territories. That means that you’ll have no problem finding plenty of people that speak perfect native English as well as Spanish, some Dutch and once in a while French as well.

When It’s Winter In The North It’s Perfect In The Caymans

Since they are located in the tropics, the weather in the Cayman Islands is nearly perfect throughout the entire year, especially in the fall and winter months when it’s cold and rainy up north. This makes the Islands the perfect getaway for travelers that are tired of the cold, dark, and damp weather and are ready for some sun. You can expect beautiful sunny 83-85F weather nearly all winter on the islands. Of course, the Caribbean Sea is always warm as well, staying a comfortable 80F all year ’round.

This great weather makes water sports one of the largest attractions in the Islands and there are many different attractions to see and do. Just to get started, there are giant turtle farms where guests can swim with turtles weighing up to 400 lbs. each. Some of them are 50 to 150 years old or more. Some of these gentle creatures have been alive almost since the Civil War in the United States. Two other great swimming with the animals attractions are the dolphins, which are one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth, and also the Stingray park. While the sting rays are well known for being dangerous, they are actually very gentle and graceful animals.

Care must be taken to not accidentally step on them but otherwise, it’s an experience never to be forgotten. Be sure and find a park that has food to feed the stingrays as that’s the closest you’ll ever get to these giant fish that fly through the water.

Water Sports Are A Huge Thing In The Caymans

There are many different types of watersports that have designated areas to keep their guests in full enjoyment. There are sunken ships that can be explored either by scuba diving or snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. In some areas, the water is so clear you can see nearly 100 ft. down below the surface. In addition to diving, there is also plenty of kayaking available, including nighttime adventures to see the luminescent plankton. This is something that is an unbelievable sight where the mere touching of the water brings about and eerie glow. You can swim, dive, and kayak through the billions of lit up micro-sized plants and even when small fish move the plankton lights up showing streaks of light.

Kiteboarding is also becoming a Cayman Island destination sport. Some boarders travel the world looking for the best sites during their top months and the Cayman Islands are a sought after location. Kitesurfing is similar to sailing but with a surfboard instead of a boat so you can travel at great speeds sometimes reaching 25 mph jumping and skimming the waves as you go. It can be quite exhilarating to do.

If you haven’t made it to the Caymans yet, you can make arrangements with a local travel agent or pick your flights and hotels online. Be sure and make time to do the fun things you’ve always wanted to do, but also enjoy the great food, nice sunny days, and relaxing safe atmosphere you’ll find there.


All About the Animal Known as the Stingray

In this article, we will discuss the animal known as the stingray. The stingray is closely related to the shark, and they contain one (or more, in some instances) barb on the tail, which is in place for the purpose of self defense for the animal.

There are roughly 220 species of stingray that are known throughout the entire world, divided up into
10 families, and also 29 genera. This remarkable animal is mostly known to reside in tropical and subtropical waters on the planet. Unfortunately, the species of this animal are slowly becoming more and more threatened, and are even in danger of facing extinction. It is important, then, that efforts be made to help this creature to thrive.

The stingray shows very unique behavior within their marine environment Due to their flat bodies, stingrays are able to conceal themselves effectively. How they achieve this is by hiding underneath a layer of sand.

The eyes of the stingray are placed on top of their bodies, and their mouths are located on the underside. Because of this fact, spotting prey is not easily done. Like the shark, stingrays use smell as well as what is known as electroreceptors in order to pursue their meals. When feeding, the stingray moves toward the bottom of the water they live within, and coral reefs are often favorite areas to eat. These are, during high tide, usually shared by sharks that reside in the same waters.

Stingrays are generally found in the shallow beach front waters of mild oceans. They can be found easily if you take a Cayman charter to the sandbar. They invest the greater part of their energy staying idle, somewhat covered in sand, frequently moving just with the influence of the tide. The color of the stingray regularly mirrors the shade of the ocean bottom, covering it from potential predators.

When this creature is persuaded to move for some reason, the majority of stingrays swim by working their bodies like a wave, while others fold their sides like wings and swim this way. The tail may likewise be utilized to move in the water, yet its main role is security and defense from potential threats that may be lurking in wait within the waters.

The stingray’s barb, or spike, can be inauspiciously designed with serrated edges and a sharp point. The underside may deliver venom, which can be lethal to human beings, and which can stay fatal even after the stingray’s passing. In Greek mythology, Odysseus, the immense ruler of Ithaca, was murdered when his son, named Telegonus, struck him while using a lance tipped with the spine of a stingray. Stingrays are generally found in the shallow beach front waters of mild oceans. They invest the greater part of their energy idle, somewhat covered in sand, frequently moving just with the influence of the tide. The stingray’s hue regularly mirrors the ocean bottom’s shading, covering it from ruthless sharks and bigger beams. Their smoothed bodies are made out of pectoral blades joined to their head and trunk with a notorious tail trailing behind.

For those who enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling, Stingray City in the Grand Cayman is a location that provides access to this wonderful animal. You can swim with, feed, and even touch the stingrays that reside in those waters. So if you desire to come face to face with this creature, it is highly recommended that you visit Stingray City if it is within your means to do so.

In conclusion, the stingray is a wonderous animal that lives within Earth’s waters. As they are currently in danger, it’s important to help them thrive in order to see more of the stingray for many more generations to come.


What Is Stingray City Cayman Like?

If you are heading to the Cayman Islands, you’re going to want to take a good look at the attractions. There are a number of things to do in this area. While you can spend all of your time sunbathing, you can enjoy a lot of other activities as well.

One activity that is especially popular is Stingray City. You’ve probably seen this attraction in brochures or on travel forums. What is Stingray City actually like? Here’s a closer look at this attraction and what it offers.

It’s A Place To Swim With Stingrays

At its core, Stingray City is a place that allows you to swim with stingrays. With that said, there are more than a handful of stingrays at this location. You’ll be able to see huge number of stingrays here.

If you have an interest in marine life, you’re going to fall in love with this attraction. Forget swimming with dolphins; swimming with stingrays can be even better than that.

It’s A Chance To See Stingrays Up Close

If you go to a zoo or an aquarium, you’ll have the chance to see a stingray from a distance. If you go to Stingray City, you’ll actually have a chance to touch these creatures.

A lot of people are nervous about stingrays. They worry that they’ll get injured if they get too close. Luckily, this isn’t something you have to be concerned with. Swimming at Stingray City is perfectly safe.

It’s The Perfect Place To Snorkel

Do you want to do some snorkeling during your Cayman Island vacation? If you’re interested in snorkeling, the Cayman Islands are the perfect place for you to do that. It’s a wonderful place to get in some snorkeling. The water is clear and full of marine life.

There are a lot of places to snorkel around the Cayman Islands, but there are few places as appealing as this. If you’re only going to be snorkeling on one day of your trip, you need to make sure that you do it at this location. You’ll be able to get a lot out of your experience.

Now that you have a better idea of what Stingray City Cayman is like, you can decide whether or not you would like to go here. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the Cayman Islands for a reason! A lot of people have fallen in love with Stingray City.