The Cayman Islands Of The Western Caribbean Are A Year Round Paradise

While the Cayman Islands are fairly well known for their banking and offshore business interests, their real number one attraction is tourism. They have some of the best beaches, water sports, snorkeling, diving, swimming with animals, restaurants, and an incredibly low crime rate to go along with it all. The largest island is called the Grand Cayman Island and it’s located in the Western Caribbean Sea. Nearby are the two smaller islands Cayman Barc and Little Cayman Island. There are also some very small islands, sometimes called keys, that are part of the group, all are part of what is called the British Overseas Territories. That means that you’ll have no problem finding plenty of people that speak perfect native English as well as Spanish, some Dutch and once in a while French as well.

When It’s Winter In The North It’s Perfect In The Caymans

Since they are located in the tropics, the weather in the Cayman Islands is nearly perfect throughout the entire year, especially in the fall and winter months when it’s cold and rainy up north. This makes the Islands the perfect getaway for travelers that are tired of the cold, dark, and damp weather and are ready for some sun. You can expect beautiful sunny 83-85F weather nearly all winter on the islands. Of course, the Caribbean Sea is always warm as well, staying a comfortable 80F all year ’round.

This great weather makes water sports one of the largest attractions in the Islands and there are many different attractions to see and do. Just to get started, there are giant turtle farms where guests can swim with turtles weighing up to 400 lbs. each. Some of them are 50 to 150 years old or more. Some of these gentle creatures have been alive almost since the Civil War in the United States. Two other great swimming with the animals attractions are the dolphins, which are one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth, and also the Stingray park. While the sting rays are well known for being dangerous, they are actually very gentle and graceful animals.

Care must be taken to not accidentally step on them but otherwise, it’s an experience never to be forgotten. Be sure and find a park that has food to feed the stingrays as that’s the closest you’ll ever get to these giant fish that fly through the water.

Water Sports Are A Huge Thing In The Caymans

There are many different types of watersports that have designated areas to keep their guests in full enjoyment. There are sunken ships that can be explored either by scuba diving or snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. In some areas, the water is so clear you can see nearly 100 ft. down below the surface. In addition to diving, there is also plenty of kayaking available, including nighttime adventures to see the luminescent plankton. This is something that is an unbelievable sight where the mere touching of the water brings about and eerie glow. You can swim, dive, and kayak through the billions of lit up micro-sized plants and even when small fish move the plankton lights up showing streaks of light.

Kiteboarding is also becoming a Cayman Island destination sport. Some boarders travel the world looking for the best sites during their top months and the Cayman Islands are a sought after location. Kitesurfing is similar to sailing but with a surfboard instead of a boat so you can travel at great speeds sometimes reaching 25 mph jumping and skimming the waves as you go. It can be quite exhilarating to do.

If you haven’t made it to the Caymans yet, you can make arrangements with a local travel agent or pick your flights and hotels online. Be sure and make time to do the fun things you’ve always wanted to do, but also enjoy the great food, nice sunny days, and relaxing safe atmosphere you’ll find there.